torsdag 30. september 2021

Tarahumara beans - a report

I received beans sourced from the tarahumara indians of Mexico in early spring. Beautiful seeds, with a great variety in colour. They were sown indoors, of course, and then planted out in our poly tunnel well into june. It has been a hot summer for Southern Norway, and the plants that survived slug attack had at least a 15 litre pot. The water carrier has been on duty every day, and the poly tunnel has been well ventilated, and shut at nights. Still we got no beans. Beautiful, creamy white flowers, I could very well grow them just for beauty, but it seems our season is just too short. The tunnel has had a lot of insects, and a lot of them seemed to prefer just the bean flowers. So I do not think lack of pollination is to blame. Meanwhile, the outdoor runner beans have been quite prolific. I hope other growers have had more success!

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